Cytopathology professionals are the long-standing leaders in minimally invasive methods of cancer screening. Cytopathology is inextricably linked to the success of the “Pap test”, the first and most successful method of cancer screening in history. Cytopathology professionals have played key roles in the development of Pap test improvements, such as liquid based Pap tests and computer-assisted screening technologies.

Cytopathology has evolved to occupy a front-line role in cancer detection. The field has embraced different types of minimally invasive sampling methods, including fine needle aspiration (FNA) which has revolutionized patient care by providing cost-effective, accurate diagnoses previously possible only through surgery. Today, cytopathology is at the forefront of “personalized medicine”, a movement to individualize therapy based on abnormalities discovered in genetic mutations of tumors.

Cytopathology has been a leader in ensuring patient safety, error prevention and reduction. The discipline has worked collaboratively with government agencies on the federal and state level to ensure patient safety. The Cytopathology laboratory professional has emerged as a critical member of the health care team and a positive contributor to accurate, effective and economical outcomes of care in many ways.

Education is assured through annual scientific conferences; distance learning by audio teleconferences and internet-based new technologies, maintenance and accreditation of programs of Cytotechnology and cytology-based fellowships.

The ASC is the principal conduit for dissemination of research findings relevant to Cytopathology. The ASC Foundation routinely awards grants and funding for projects that result in publications of findings relevant to the practice of Cytopathology and the application of new technology. Moreover, the ASC Foundation funds projects related to translational research to develop new technologies in Cytopathology. The ASC also funds research to support best practices in Cytopathology.

The ASC considers Advocacy as the promotion of the cytologic method for the early detection, prevention and treatment of cancer. Advocacy is directed at Professional Practice, Health Care Policy and Public Patients.


Gifts to the ASC Foundation provide much needed additional funds to support efforts in research, education, patient care, and advocacy related to the cytologic method, particularly regarding the early detection and correct classification of cancers.

As an expert and leader in early cancer detection, the ASC through its members is working to more fully integrate recent discoveries derived from the Human Genome Project into the field of Cytopathology by adding in new molecular biology approaches for early cancer detection, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. Management of the oncology patient has been refined through the development of prognostic profiles for several tumor types as well as prediction of response to patient tailored treatment.

Your support of the ASC would allow you the opportunity to partner with us in research in cancer detection by:

  • Establishing endowments to fund grants for ASC research awards
  • Creating training grants that support research-based curriculum development in Cytopathology fellowship programs
  • Funding lectures or panel discussions that provide contemporaneous ASC opinions and debate regarding new technologies at ASC educational events
  • Presenting Cytopathology research findings and outcomes in platform sessions of related specialty societies
  • Creating new funding opportunities to address new research needs in the field of Cytopathology

Ensuring that the future is equipped with an adequate number of trained and talented professionals in Cytopathology is a priority for the ASC Foundation. Identifying and training the next generation of Cytopathology professionals is essential to guaranteeing the best in cancer detection and patient management. While recent shortages in nursing have caught the attention of the American public, there is a lack of awareness of significant shortages of laboratory personnel, particularly in Cytopathology. Screening for the early detection of cancer is labor intensive. Expansion of the Cytotechnology workforce, in addition to continuing education for current professionals, is required to recruit, retain, and maximize medical and technologic innovations in order to obtain optimum patient benefits.

You can join the ASC in underwriting the education of Cytopathology professionals by:

  • Providing scholarships for young Cytopathology professionals to attend ASC educational programs
  • Developing and expanding distance-learning opportunities in Cytopathology
  • Supporting professional activities of cytology educators through mentoring, academic support and continuing medical education
  • Providing strategies for teaching Cytopathology professionals by curriculum updates, provision of resources, revised program structure and web-based informatics
  • Leading the national agenda to expand and update the role and scope of practice for the Cytopathology professional
  • Predicting and addressing short-term workforce needs and long-term market demands including automation and molecular testing
  • Ensuring that the educational programs and networking opportunities at the ASC Annual Scientific Meeting continue to make it the premier event in the field of Cytopathology

The American Society of Cytology is a vigorous advocate for patients, focusing its efforts on universal promotion of the cytological method for the early detection, prevention and treatment of all cancers, to facilitate the availability of this life-saving method to people in all communities world-wide, regardless of economic circumstance. Advocacy is also directed at professional practice and health care policy makers to ensure that Cytopathology professionals can provide their services optimally to those who need them.

The ASC is promoting advocacy in Cytopathology by:

  • Producing programs that encourage recruitment and retention of talented individuals in the field of Cytopathology and into the ASC membership
  • Enhancing public awareness of Cytopathology professionals and their role through outreach activities
  • Funding humanitarian programs that bring Cytopathology laboratory services to the medically underserved
  • Ensuring that policies, legislation and reasonable laboratory governmental regulations to promote detection/prevention programs and quality services are scientifically and evidence based
  • Developing internet public educational materials on cancer screening and early detection
  • Monitoring the incorporation of optimal screening and health care coverage in health care policies written by governmental and private payers, with focused attention on underserved populations.

Making a Gift to the ASC Foundation

Your gift will help the ASC maximize its goals to improve the health of you, your family, and your community though its work in education, research, patient care and advocacy.

The ASC Foundation is the society’s fund-raising arm and ensures that the ASC can fully meet its goals to improve the health of individuals and the community through education, research, patient care and advocacy. The ASC Foundation collaborates closely with contributors, including individuals, families, and corporate partners to address the donors’ interests, customize programs, and provide appropriate donors with recognition at the Annual Scientific Meeting and in ASC publications that fully honors their generosity and vision.

Your gift can take many forms and includes gifts provided today or deferred to the future. We would welcome the opportunity to explore those options with you.

We understand that making a gift to the ASC Foundation involves developing a relationship over time. Like any other relationship there needs to be trust, commitment, growth, common purpose, and mutually rewarding outcomes. Philanthropy is not a “program” or a “project” but a practical expression of a philosophy that assures the achievement of a universal health care mission. We would be delighted to work with you to develop a relationship so that we can achieve our mutual goals and you can create a legacy.

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