Annual Scientific Meeting Overview

Annual Scientific Meetings

The ASC Annual Scientific Meetings have been held since 1953.  More than 800 attendees are attracted to the Meeting annually to keep abreast of the dramatically changing cytopathology arena.  They recognize that ASC meetings provide a high quality forum for the continuing education of the professional cytopathology community.  The Annual Scientific Meeting features many different components described below:

Call for Presentations
The Scientific Program Committee accepts presentation proposals for the following sessions each year from December to January. Check the ASC Homepage during this time for details.

Current Issues in Cytology  
Focuses on new areas or unresolved problems in cytology and is usually presented as a panel discussion.

State of the Art Symposium
Designed to provide indepth information on important topics in cytology.

New Frontiers in Cytology (optional)
Updates in the latest developments, which may come under the purview of the cytology professional.

Innovations and Trends in Medicine
Focuses on new technologies and advances in medicine and is usually presented as a panel discussion.

Hot Topic (optional)
This 45-minute session covers hot issues facing the field of cytology.

Panel Luncheons 
Interactive groups formatted around a single topic and presented by nationally known experts.

Cytology Workshops 
Quality non-microscopic seminars on various topics in small interactive groups

Roundtable Discussions
Tables of different topics allowing attendees to have small and intimate discussions.

The Scientific Program Committee selects the following sessions by invitation only:

Leopold Koss Lecture
Features a prominent icon in the medical field who shares a dedication and commitment to furthering humanities.

Diagnostic Cytology Seminar 
Provides the opportunity for attendees to make diagnostic decisions and compare the decisions with nationally known experts.

Video Microscopy Tutorials 
Intimate 90-minute sessions that give participants a chance to interact with experts in the field.

Call for Abstracts  
The Scientific Program Committee accepts abstract submissions each year from February to May. Check the ASC Homepage during this time for details.

Platform/Poster Presentations 
Abstract-driven, featuring oral and poster presentations, which include sessions highlighting the most highly rated abstracts. Authors choose their preference of presenting a platform of a poster. The Scientific Program Committee makes the final decision of the format.