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This is an area where the ASC Members and Cytopathology Community can express opinions and ask questions.  To get started participating in the ASC Forum, click here and following the instructions below.

  1. To post a message on the Forum click on the relevant button on the Forum or topic screens. The facilities available to you in each of the discussion areas are listed at the bottom of the topic screen.
  2. This Forum is for the open discussion of issues relating to the future of the ASC.
  3. Since this is an opportunity for “open discussions,” the ASC hopes each of you feels free to read messages, post messages, and contribute information.
  4. When posting a message on the Forum, please remember to include your name, and optionally, your institution name at the end of your message. 
  5. This is a discussion area.  Express your opinions.  Feel free to question the opinions and information presented by others.  However, a criticism or personal attack of specific individuals is strictly forbidden. If you have a differing opinion, feel free to support your opinion or comments.  We all learn and benefit from well-thought-out responses to a situation or question.  Ask questions. Answer questions.  Express opinions.
  6. Postings are strictly the opinion of their authors and never the official position of ASC.

Thanks for your interest and participation.  If you have questions about the ASC Cytopathology Forum, or ASC in general, please feel free to contact the ASC at or (302) 543-6583.