Cytopathology Volunteer to Eliminate Cervical Cancer in Underserved Areas Request

worldWith the goal of reducing the high cervical cancer mortality in underserved areas, the ASC invites cytopathologists and cytotechnologists to volunteer to provide medical care and expertise to the underserved population.  The following opportunities are available.  If you are interested in volunteering, please click here to complete the form.

North America:

  • See, Test & Treat® is led by CAP member pathologists and a team of volunteer physicians and healthcare professionals to provide patient-centered, collaborative care.  Click here for more information.

South America:

  • CerviCusco and the International Cervical Cancer Foundation (INCCA), have implemented a program to provide access to modern liquid-based cytology tests to more than 75,000 women in this high risk under-served population, in Peru. Click here for more information.