Chapter 7.2

CellSearch Cell Interpretation Objectives and Resources

This presentation discusses the method of operation and evaluation of cells in the CellSearch® system.  The various biomarkers (CK-PE, DAPI, CD45-APC) are discussed as well as their appearance in tumor cells and non-epithelial cells.  Suspicious objects, computer noise, and other distractor objects are also evaluated.  The criteria for counting tumor cells, evaluating slide quality, and analyzing control samples are given as well.  (35 slides)


  • Explain the process used for identification of circulating tumor cells as used by the CellSearch® System.
  • Discuss the criteria for tumor cell identification
  • Compare/contrast the criteria of circulating tumor cells and non-circulating tumor cells
  • Discuss the common pitfalls in cell analysis
  • Explain the criteria for evaluating scan quality
  • List other techniques for evaluating circulating tumor cells


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Video:  -CellSearch®

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