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American Society of Cytopathology
Cytotechnology Advisory Committee
Cytotechnologist Member Business Meeting


Thursday, November 7, 2002

The Grand America Hotel
Salt Lake City, Utah


The Cytotechnologist Members Business Meeting was held on Thursday, November 7, 2002, during the ASC 50th Annual Scientific Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Lausanne Wiatrowski, CT (ASCP), Chair of the Cytotechnologist Advisory Committee called the meeting to order at 6:15 p.m. MST. An informal head count revealed 72 members in attendance. Copies of the Cytotechnologist Business Meeting Minutes from the 2001 ASC meeting were distributed for review. These minutes were approved with the following two revisions:
     • The total amount of money collected from the Art reception was $7,540.
     • Cindy Steele is from Syracuse, NY.
Following the approval of the minutes with noted revisions, the meeting was conducted.

Ms. Wiatrowski introduced the CAC members:
Lausanne Wiatrowski, CT (ASCP), San Antonio, Texas, Out-going CAC Chair
Cindy Steele, SCT (ASCP) (IAC), Syracuse, New York, In-coming CAC Chair
Jennifer Clark, CT (ASCP), Indianapolis, Indiana, CAC Chair-elect
E. Blair Holladay, Ph.D., CT (ASCP), Charleston, South Carolina
Ursula Bedrossian, Ph.D., CT (ASCP), Oak Park, Illinois
Patricia Prokorym, CT (ASCP), (IAC), Columbus, Ohio
Jean Taylor, Ms.Ed., SCT (ASCP), Albany, New York
Kevin Schofield, CT (ASCP), New Haven, Connecticut
Nodee McNeal, SCT (ASCP), Olympia Fields, Illinois, Ex-Officio
Judith Connor, CT (ASCP), Binghamton, New York, Out-going member

Sally Beth Buckner reported on the First Time CT Gathering that was held Wednesday, November 6, 2002 at 7:00 am for all first-time cytotechnologist attendees to the ASC Annual Scientific Meeting. It is hoped that this gathering will encourage participants to become ASC members and to be active in the Society. It will be recommended to the ASC Executive Board that this event be continued for future meetings to welcome first time attendees and give them an opportunity to get to know other attendees.

Nancy Smith, Chair of the Task Force for Cytotechnology Education, spoke about the “Career Satisfaction Survey for Cytotechnologists.” The Task Force will present three proposals to the Executive Board (EB) of the ASC that developed from the work of the task force this past year:

• To establish an ad hoc committee, the Cytotechnology Professional and Educational Advisory Committee (CPEAC), based on the work of the task force during the past year.

• To endorse the proposal that the ASC adopt mandatory continuing education requirements for cytotechnologists – there is already a proposal for mandatory CE for all cytotechnologists. If the EB supports this endorsement, it will be presented to the membership of ASC and then to other organizations for approval to expand the circle of support for accrediting agencies to incorporate. This is important in the context in which we work today to ensure that cytotechnologists are getting the CE they need to survive in today’s changing climate.

• To establish Centers for Excellence. Schools do not have access to what they may need for the future for long distance learning. Sites that are able and willing to provide educational opportunities need to be established and supported by the ASC.

Jennifer Clark presented information on what the ASC Web site has to offer. The On-line Cytology Community has recently been developed for state and regional organizations to use for their members and will be available soon as part of the ASC Web site for state and regional organizations to post their meeting information, newsletters, officers, links to resources and other information for their memberships. The ASC will provide this Web site development, in addition to two annual updates and web hosting. The estimated annual fee for this service will be a $200.00.

Ms. Clark worked with the ASCT, along with Karen Allen, and also under the direction of the ASC President, Dr. Diane Davey to write a Web site for the Health Professions Network promoting cytotechnology as the health profession of the month. This site also includes links to the ASC and ASCT. Please visit this site: http://www.healthpronet.org/

Dr. Kurtycz presented an update of the activities of the Web Site Editorial Committee. The ASC On-line Cytology Community will be a good resource to bring cytology organizations together. Dr. Wilbur will be involved in promoting the use of the Internet in educational activities provided by the ASC. Portions of this meeting and other educational events will be listed on the ASC Web site, including streaming video and Power Point presentations that can be downloaded. A case of the month was recently started on the Web site. People are encouraged to submit cases and digitized images for this feature. There will be a subsection for companies to advertise on the ASC Web site. Please visit the Web site!

Nodee McNeal shared information about the ASC membership drive. At this annual meeting, we have received a record 35 applications for upgrades to voting cytotechnologist membership. We also received five new cytotechnologist membership applications.

Ms. Wiatrowski yielded the floor to Cindy Steele, incoming Chair for the Cytotechnology Advisory Committee for 2003.

Ms. Steele encouraged the CT members to call or email her if they have any comments, questions or concerns that they would like to relay to the CAC members, as this is the committee that works for them.

What’s New for 2003?

There will be two program submissions from the CAC for the upcoming ASC Annual Scientific Meeting in Orlando, Florida, November 2003. CAC members are collaborating with the Education Forum to develop a panel luncheon entitled, “Implementing Continuing Education in the Workplace.” The second program the CAC members are planning to develop is a wet workshop on molecular diagnostics and how to implement this in the laboratory. The CAC members recognize the importance of providing continuing educational opportunities that will broaden the current scope of practice for cytotechnologists.

Dr. Ursula Bedrossian is currently working on a series of articles related to interviews with cytotechnologists across the nation. These articles will explore the issues that are important to cytotechnologists and what motivates them.

During this ASC meeting many of us have taken the opportunity to consider what is really important in cytopathology as a profession and what the future has in store for cytotechnologists. We plan to have a “Point: Counterpoint” type of format to discuss the issues that potentially affect cytotechnologists. The CAC members would like the cytotechnologist members to consider what topics they are concerned with or passionate about and to relay them to the CAC members for future discussion.

One of the goals of the CAC for this year will be to conduct a self-assessment to determine the effectiveness of the CAC in serving the ASC constituents. Both past contributions and the future goals of the CAC will be considered.

The CAC members would like to establish a threaded discussion on the Web site to provide the cytotechnologist members an avenue of direct communication with the CAC members. We plan to have the individual CAC members’ e-mail addresses posted for cytotechnologists to voice their opinions, concerns and questions.

There was open discussion. No further comments were offered from the floor.

The CAC gratefully acknowledges the generous contributions of the following contributors for the gifts provided for the lucky winners of door prizes:
     • The American Society of Cytopathology
     • The American Society for Cytotechnologists
     • The American Cancer Society

Cindy Steele, Chair of the Cytotechnologist Advisory Committee, adjourned the meeting at 7:12 p.m. The next Cytotechnologist Members Business Meeting will take place at the ASC Annual Scientific Meeting in Orlando, Florida on November 11, 2003.

Respectfully submitted, Cindy Steele, SCT (ASCP) (IAC), CAC Chair

Editor’s Note: The minutes of the Cytotechnologist Business Meeting have been summarized due to space constraints in this issue of the Bulletin. The minutes will be distributed in their entirety at the Cytotechnologist Business Meeting during the Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida.