Current Concepts and Technologies Committee Roster


Current Concepts and Technologies Committee


  1. Develop a procedure to review and select  all awards prior to the ASC Annual Scientific Meeting
  2. Procedure for reviewing abstracts and selecting award recipients should clearly address conflict of interest and committee’s policy for recusal.
  3. Evaluate the papers and posters eligible for the Geno Saccomanno, M.D. New Frontiers in Cytology Award
  4. Notify the President and Executive Director of the awardees prior to the Diagnostic Slide Seminar Session of the Annual Scientific Meeting.
  5. Revise the ASC Foundation Cytopathology Seed Research Award (given every two years).
  6. Review applications for the Seed Research Award and make recommendations for the award recipient to the ASC Foundation.
  7. Solicit articles for The ASC Bulletin, Web, journals, etc. regarding research concepts.
  8. Evaluate existing ASC guidelines on New Technologies and suggest new position or guidelines.


David Chhieng, M.D. (2008)
University of Alabama at Birmingham
1922 7th Avenue South – Room 506
Birmingham, AL  35249


Michael Berry, SCT(ASCP) (2007)
Erik Kincaid, CT, MP(ASCP) (2007)
Swati Mehrotra, M.D. (2008)
A. Janie Roberson, B.S., SCT(ASCP)CMIAC (2008)
Gregg Staerkel, M.D. (2008)
Edward Stelow, M.D. (2008)

Junior Ad Hoc Member:

Sanjivini Jacob, M.D. (2007)