The ASC Cytopathology Innovation Resource Center (CIRCe) is dedicated to providing educational and training resources, such as the Core Curriculum in Molecular Biology, for those who wish to expand their professional competencies.  Some other potential resources to be accessed through CIRCe include the following.

  • Appropriate topics from the many ASC products and workshops may be posted on this site. 
  • Links to vendors, such as Hologic, Roche Diagnostics and Urovysion, which have sites that provide training.
  • The recent collaboration with ASCP, which has a rich collection of resources accessible through CIRCe, enhances the available teaching and training materials and expands the potential audience. 
  • The CIRCe can also include names of cytotechnologists and pathologists who can provide assistance to laboratories in developing their case for change.  These individuals, with proven successful transformative experiences, can work with the laboratory to identify how expanded roles and responsibilities of the cytotechnologists generate benefits to the cytotechnologists and to the laboratory.  These individuals can reach out to help others by using their past experiences to help laboratories anticipate obstacles to change and develop strategies and tactics for a successful transformation. 

Below are links to resources that are now available.  If you have presentations that fit the CIRCe criteria and would like to submit them for posting, please contact the ASC National Office at

Future of Cytology White Paper

Core Curriculum in Molecular Biology

CPRC Educators’ Handbook

Virtual Slide Atlas

Transformation in Education and Practice for Cytotechnologists (Current Issues in Cytology, 59th Annual Scientific Meeting, November 7, 2011, Baltimore, MD) 
(may take a minute to download)

DNA Ploidy Analysis

eJournal (free to ASC members)

COLA Cares – Make an Impact on the Future of Laboratory Medicine