Cytotechnologist – ASC Annual Scientific Meeting Scholarship Specific Instructions


 Cytotechnologist – ASC Annual Scientific Meeting TRAVEL Scholarship 


  1. The applicant must have no more than two years practice in the field of Cytopathology.
  2. The applicant must demonstrate enthusiasm for and interest in cytotechnology. Documentation of any of the following activities will be given consideration:
    1. Participation in or initiation of laboratory projects
    2. Discussion of current cytology events
    3. Attendance at meetings of local/state/regional/national cytology organizations
    4. Participation as an officer in local/state/regional cytology organizations
    5. Service on in-house or local/state/regional cytology organization committees
    6. Attendance at in-house continuing education
    7. Presentations at in-house continuing education events or at local/state/regional/national cytology meetings
    8. Author or co-author of abstracts submitted to continuing education forums
    9. Volunteer or community work, especially that which enhances cytopathology
    10. Commendation or recognition as outstanding student during cytotechnology training
  3. The application must include a statement of career goals (no more than one page) describing the applicant’s short- and long-term career goals and how this award will enhance these career plans.
  4. The curriculum vitae, statement of career goals, and mentor’s letter of recommendation must together demonstrate the applicant’s enthusiasm for the field of cytopathology and need for this scholarship.

Awardees will be selected on the basis of their qualifications and interest in cytotechnology, reference from their mentors, and the selection committee’s evaluation of the potential professional benefit of the award to the candidates.


Application submission is closed.

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