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Item Name: A Walk Around the Block
Donna K. Russell, MEd, CT(ASCP)HT

Presentation Date: May 26, 2015; Expires: May 26, 2018
Update your knowledge of body fluids and image-guided fine needle aspirations from a cytotechnology professional engaged in immediate assessment and specimen triage. The webinar will have you recognize the importance of cell block preparation. Radiologic findings, clinical history and cytologic criteria will be presented from a variety of contemporary image-guided techniques. Case studies from a variety of techniques will be discussed, along with ancillary testing. Techniques include endoscopic ultrasound-guided FNA, Super Dimension bronchial FNA, Cat-scan image-guided FNA and ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration. This webinar will allow participants to interact with each case presented. The cases will include clinical history, radiologic findings and cytologic criteria. After the votes are in, the participants will then comment on the correct interpretation using an audience response system. The correct interpretation along with surgical pathology or additional ancillary testing will be provided for each case.