Forum Blast – 070908

Facing the Future of Cytopathology

As an individual and an organization, you have expressed your interest in exploring the future of cytopathology with the American Society of Cytopathology. The ASC is offering you the opportunity to mold the future of our profession creatively with benefits to professionals and the patients we serve.  


The ASC has developed the Future of Cytopathology Forum hosted on the ASC Web site. ALL parties are invited to contribute their: 

• ideas

• observations

• solutions to future healthcare challenges that might impact pathology


The Future of Cytopathology Forum is NOW OPEN on the ASC Web site.  Check out the ASC Future of Cytopathology Forum Web site.

Nine separate forum discussion groups have been structured around major forces impacting the Future of Cytopathology.  These include:

• Current Gaps in Healthcare and Management

• Boutique Medicine and the Patient Consumer

• Fusion of Medical Specialties

• Global Medicine and Telemedicine

• Molecular Technologies

• Expanding Roles of Cytopathology

• The Business of Medicine


A preliminary findings report will be presented at the Current Issues in Cytology session at the ASC 56th Annual Scientific Meeting in Orlando, Florida, November 7 – 11, 2008.


In 2009, the ASC will present an all day “Future of Cytopathology” summit at the ASC 57th Annual Scientific Meeting in Denver, Colorado.


Contribute to the future — YOUR FUTURE!


For more information on this exciting initiative, please contact the ASC National Office at (302) 429-8802 or