Lydia P. Howell, MD was inducted as President of ASC

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Date:               November 1, 2011
Phone:             (302) 543-6583
Fax:                 (302) 543-6597


2011-2012 American Society of Cytopathology
Executive Board and Officers


November 1, 2011, Wilmington, Delaware– The American Society of Cytopathology will be announcing its new officers and Executive Board members for 2011-2012 as follows, during the ASC Annual Business Meeting on November 6 in Baltimore, during the ASC 59th Annual Scientific Meeting.


American Society of Cytopathology Officers


Lydia P. Howell, MD
University of California
Davis Medical Center
Sacramento, California


Ritu Nayar, MD
Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Chicago, Illinois


Andrew A. Renshaw, MD
Baptist Hospital of Miami
Department of Pathology
Miami, Florida


Daniel F.I. Kurtycz, MD
Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene
Madison, Wisconsin

ASC Executive Board Members

Raheela Ashfaq, MD (2012)
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Dallas, Texas 

Terence J. Colgan, MD (2012)
Mount Sinai Hospital
Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

Donna K. Russell, MS, CT(ASCP)HT (2012)
University of Rochester Medical Center
Rochester, New York 

Joel S. Bentz, MD (2013)
Laboratory Medicine Consultants, Ltd.
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Jill L. Caudill, MEd, SCT(ASCP)CM (2013)
Mayo School of Health-Related Sciences
Rochester, Minnesota 

Eva M. Wojcik, MD, MIAC (2013)
Loyola University Medical Center
Maywood, Illinois 

Rosemary Tambouret, MD (2014)
Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts 

Amy J. Wendel Spiczka, MS, SCT, MB, HTL(ASCP)CM (2014)
Mayo Clinic and Foundation
Scottsdale, Arizona

Philip T. Valente, MD (2014)
University of Texas Health Science Center
San Antonio, Texas 

David F. Chhieng, MD (2015)
Yale University
New Haven, Connecticut

Jeffrey F. Krane, MD (2015)
Brigham & Womens Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts

Lynnette C. Savaloja, SCT(ASCP) (2015)
Regions Hospital
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Nancy A. Young, MD, Past President
Albert Einstein Medical Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dorothy L. Rosenthal, ex officio
ASC Foundation President
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Baltimore, Maryland


The Officers and new Executive Board Members will be installed on November 6, 2011 during the ASC’s 59th Annual Scientific Meeting.  The ASC Executive Board is the general management of the American Society of Cytopathology.  The Board regularly performs the ordinary duties of a board of directors to appoint any Committee it may deem necessary and to delegate whatever powers necessary to the Committees.  Executive Board Members are elected to serve a four-year term on the Board. 

The ASC, founded in 1951, is a distinguished national professional society of physicians, cytotechnologists and scientists who are dedicated to the detection and early diagnosis of nearly all forms of cancer.  The ASC is the largest medical society solely devoted to recognizing cellular abnormalities in order to benefit patients. The majority of tests that the ASC Members interpret are Pap tests.  The ASC’s diverse membership of more than 3000 individuals includes representatives from other countries who share a vision of education, research and continuous improvement in the standards and quality of patient care.  The ASC is a unique society that provides a forum where physicians and cytotechnologists can interact and network with each other on both a personal and professional level.


Additional information on the American Society of Cytopathology may be obtained from:

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