Public Information Committee Roster


Public Information Committee



1. Inform the Public on limitations of testing.
2. Develop patient education program for the website.
3. Develop programs to provide information on issues of cytopathology to the public and develop a plan for distributing the information.


Stephen S. Raab, M.D. (2006)
UPMC Health System
5150 Centre Avenue – Room 306
Pittsburgh, PA 15232


Christina Kong, M.D. (2006)
David Bolick, M.D., FCAP, MIAC (2006)
Jennifer A. Brainard, M.D. (2006)
Maryellen Edwards, CT(ASCP) (2006)
Karen B. Geils, M.S., CT(ASCP) (2007)
Debora Smith, CT(ASCP) (2007)