Scientific Sessions

Hilton Americas Houston

November 2-6, 2007

Houston, Texas


Scientific Sessions include:

  • Poster and Platform Presentations
  • Opening Ceremony & Awards Presentation
    Mary K. Sidawy, M.D., ASC President
  • Papanicolaou Address
    Diane Davis Davey, M.D.
  • Current Issues in Cytology – The 2006 ASCCP Consensus Guidelines for the Management of Women with Cervical Cytological Abnormalities and Cervical Intrepithelial Neoplasis:  What’s Changed?
    Terence Colgan, M.D.
    Diane Solomon, M.D.
    Teresa Darragh, M.D.
  • Foundation Awards Presentation
    Lydia P. Howell, M.D., ASC Foundation President
  • New Frontiers Lecture – Toward Personalized Therapy for Lung Cancer
    Roy Herbst, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Guest Speaker
  • State of the Art Symposium – Diagnosis and Clinical Management of Solid and Cystic Pancreatic Masses: EUS to DNA
    Martha Pitman, M.D.
    Michael Goggins, M.D.
    Adsay Volkan, M.D.
    William Brugge, M.D.
  • Innovations and Trends in Cytopathology – The Digital Environment: Implications for Practice and Education
    David C. Wilbur, M.D.
    Stephan Pambuccian, M.D.
    Thomas A. Bonfiglio, M.D.
    Stanley J. Radio, M.D.
  • Update from the NCI Thyroid FNA State of the Science Conference
    Edmund S. Cibas, M.D.
  • Basic Science Lecture – Systems Biology and Systems Medicine
    Leroy Hood, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Abstract Awards Presentation
    Jacalyn L. Papillo, B.S., CT(ASCP)
    David F. Chhieng, M.D.
  • Diagnostic Cytology Seminar
    Gregg Staerkel, M.D.
    Charles Sturgis, M.D.
    Zohreh Tabatabai, M.D.
    Güliz Barkan, M.D.
    Ravindranauth Sawh, M.D.

The following sessions require an additional fee:


Everyone attending the Annual Scientific Meeting is required to register prior to admission to any session or the Exhibitor Corral.  Identification badges will be provided and are required for entrance to all sessions and the Exhibitor Corral.