The ASC Bulletin Editorial Board


The ASC Bulletin Editorial Board



  1. Work with other committees (Website, Legislative and Regulatory Proceedings and Advocacy) to communicate issues to the ASC members in a timely manner.
  2. Recommend new educational programs for the The ASC Bulletin.
  3. Work with committees to obtain articles regarding the committee activities.
  4. Determine the feasibility of online publication vs. printed publication.
  5. Provide a mechanism and a timeline to transition to online Bulletin publication.
  6. Solicit scientific articles.
  7. Explore creative ways of delivering the content in the publication.
  8. Explore ideas to improve contents.
  9. Evaluate the feasibility of providing CME or self-assessment credits to the unknown case exercise.



Donna Russell, M.S., CT(ASCP)CMIAC (2007)
University of Rochester Medical Center
601 Elmwood Avenue – Box 606
Rochester, NY 14642

Associate Editors:

Andrea Dawson, M.D. (2007)
Megan DiFurio, M.D. (2007)
Douglas Minot, CT(ASCP) (2007)
Beth Walsh, B.S., CT(ASCP)IAC (2007)
Sarah Day, B.A., CT(ASCP) (2008)
John Michael MacDonell Stewart, M.D., Ph.D. (2008)

Junior Ad Hoc Member:

Julie Warner, M.D. (2007)