Third Edition of the Bethesda Cervical Cytology Atlas is Available from Springer!

In 2014, the ASC sponsored the Bethesda 2014 Update that had three aims: (1) Develop a third edition of the Bethesda Cervical Cytology Atlas; (2) Develop the Bethesda 2014 Web site and (3) Conduct the second Bethesda Interobserver Reproducibility Study (BIRST-2).

We are happy to report that the atlas production is close to completion. It can now be preordered, and it will ship in the upcoming 4-6 weeks. The atlas has more than doubled in size, both in text and images (191 pages to 324 pages and 186 to 370 images). The atlas is available in a print version and lower priced ebook. Despite the increased size, the atlas remains affordable due to the negotiations with the publisher, Springer, and the editors and authors waiving royalties.

Thanks to so many of you who participated in the atlas update and the interobserver reproducibility study. Close to 2,500 comments from 59 countries were obtained from the open comment period, reviewed and considered before finalization of the atlas chapters. Over 850 cytologists participated in the BIRST-2; the results will be posted on the 2014 Bethesda Web site (housed on the ASC Web site), along with atlas images and additional images.

The atlas reference is: “Nayar R, Wilbur DC (Eds.) The Bethesda system for reporting cervical cytology. Definitions, criteria, and explanatory notes. Springer; 2015.” A commentary detailing the Bethesda 2014 update will be published in JASC, Cancer Cytopathology, Acta Cytologica and JTLD in May 2015 and will serve as the journal reference for TBS 2014.

We hope the Atlas, TBS 2014 Web site and BIRST will prove useful to your practice of gynecologic cytology.

Ritu Nayar, MD and David C. Wilbur, MD
On behalf of the ASC Bethesda 2014 Task Force Members