Understanding Your Pap Smear

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Cytopathology Education Consortium
March 1996


Recently the news media has focused on the shortcomings of gynecologic cytology and the professionals responsible for the screening and interpretation of Pap Smears. The member organizations of the Cytopathology Education Consortium (CEC) have taken a positive proactive approach by addressing these negative impacts on the profession in developing this education program. The purpose of this program is to create a public awareness of the importance of gynecologic cytology in the promotion of women’s health. Representatives of the CEO produced and developed education materials for use by cytology professionals to disseminate information regarding detection and prevention of cervical cancer. The Pap Smear is a proven screening method of detecting and preventing cervical cancer, but as in any medical test, it is not 100% foolproof. Sampling errors as well as interpretive errors may occur.

This education program consists of 27 slides and a written script. The color transparencies are numbered on the mounting in order to allow the presenter control over the length of the presentation. The script provides the presenter with important points to cover in the presentation. The presenter can choose to develop his/her own talk using the color transparencies.