Website Editorial Committee Roster


Website Editorial Committee



  1. Work with other committees (Bulletin, Legislative and Regulatory Proceedings and Advocacy) to communicate issues to the ASC members in a timely manner.
  2. Develop guidelines for submission to the Case Studies Project.
  3. Develop a mechanism to recruit submissions of cases (i.e.:Program Directors Listserv, The ASC Bulletin, call for submission).
  4. Develop a mechanism to review, accept, reject or edit submissions.
  5. Evaluate the feasibility of providing CME or self-assessment credits for the exercise.
  6. Recommend new educational programs for the ASC Website.
  7. Review and develop Website policies.


Jimmie Stewart, M.D. (2007)
University of Wisconsin – Madison
600 Highland Ave – D4 207b
Madison, WI  53792



Beverly Haigler-Daly, B.S., CT(ASCP) (2007)
Margaret Jones, B.S., SCT(ASCP) (2007)
Joel Bentz, M.D. (2008)
Isam Eltoum, M.D. (2008)
JoAnn Jarrell, M.S., P.A., CT(ASCP) (2008)
Nadeem Zafar, M.D. (2008)


Junior Ad Hoc Member:

Daniel Klink, M.D. (2007)