8 Money-Saving Tips for Attending the ASC Annual Scientific Meeting on a Budget

The members of the ASC Membership Committee put together a list of money-saving tips for first-time Annual Scientific Meeting attendees, and really anyone looking to keep Meeting costs low.

Do you have some additional tips? Get involved in the discussion about ways to stretch your #ASCyto17 budget on Twitter and Facebook @cytopathology.

  1. Register early! Early registration ends September 11th at midnight.
  2. Shop for flights on Tuesday afternoons (the buzz is that around 3 pm may be best) between 3 months and 30 days before departure.
  3. Utilize resources on travel sites like the flight alerts on kayak.com.
  4. Use apps like Hopper to determine if ticket prices are predicted to increase or decrease. However, do not wait too long!
  5. Use ride-sharing apps, like Lyft or Uber, for transportation from the airport to the hotel.
  6. Coordinate ride-sharing with friends, colleagues and other attendees. You might even use the ASC’s Listserv to make connections.
  7. Share a hotel room with a colleague, but do make sure to stay at the hotel where the Meeting is held. The success of ASC depends on registrants and exhibitors using contracted ASC hotels to offset the sizable costs of producing the meeting.
  8. Become an ASC member! Members receive reduced registration fees.

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