The  American Society of Cytopathology (ASC) invites you to Durham, NC to expand and enhance your skills in a two day educational conference April 6 -7.

The ASC is committed to bringing key educational opportunities to its members and cytopathology professionals so that they are able to meet current and future needs in the area of cytopathology. 

  • ACE, at its core, is structured to bring advanced cytopathology topics to regional areas based on current and emerging needs.
  • ACE is an education program created to assist you in transitioning into other practice areas by refining, expanding and strengthening your skills. This is the most proactive way for you to navigate your journey through your changing profession so that you remain in demand and an integral part of the laboratory team.

The ACE conference will cover the current and future Cytopathology changes and developments with:

  1. Highly comprehensive and customized education sessions to enhance diagnostic techniques
  2. Engaging and interactive educational strategies
  3. A dynamic, world-renowned faculty

Primary audience: cytotechnologists, cytotechnology students, cytopathologists, pathology residents, and cytopathology fellows.