A Message from the ASC President: Preparing the Soil

Barbara A. Crothers, DO

I want to talk about the importance of soil-and foundations. Soil is more than just dirt; it is teaming with essential microbial life and potential. If it’s healthy, it provides the necessary nutrients and minerals needed for growth. But soil requires attention, too- we all know that crop rotation was introduced due to soil depletion. Farmers understand that one needs to nourish the soil so that it can nourish plants. Sometimes that just means letting it lie, but sometimes it means composting, tilling, burning, slashing and mulching.

A large part of the ASC “soil” is our collaboration with otherorganizations- areas into which we can extend our roots and form symbiotic relationships. I’ve spent the first few months of my term solidifying relationships and creating new ones, as have many of the ASC leaders.