A Message from the ASC President: PLANTING CYTOSEEDS

Barbara A. Crothers, DO

It’s SPRING – time to plant seeds! There are two types of seeds in cytology – people and ideas. It takes the right people, with dedication and motivation, to instigate change. And it takes ideas that can take root, branch out, cross-pollinate and grow into something new and beautiful. The ASC has been working on both.

Growth is painful; so is change. Flowers and fruit don’t emerge without both. It is the journey of growth and change that defines us as humans and it is part of our natural condition. As an optimist, I believe that we usually make things better through experimentation, personal growth and change. Our profession – indeed, all of health care – is in a time of monumental change. What is important is that we have a vision for our contributions to the future. Growth doesn’t happen overnight; it has been happening for years. I recall when the idea of a mid-level practitioner was first pitched to the ASC Executive Board by Jean Taylor, SCT(ASCP) in 2004 – it caused quite a stir! Now we have the very individuals that were envisioned and are on the way to solidifying a curriculum that will become the standard for all future “cytotechnologists,” if that title is retained.

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