Achievement Awards

The American Society of Cytopathology Awards Committee is now reviewing nominations that were received for the following awards and will recommend two individuals for final selection by the ASC Executive Board.


2012 Papanicolaou
Award Winner,
Dr. Dina Mody, MD

Papanicolaou Award   

Presented annually to a physician/PhD in recognition of meritorious contributions to the field of cytology.

2012 Cytotechnologists'
Award for Outstanding Achievement Winner,
Dr. Marilee Means, PhD,


Cytotechnologists' Award for Outstanding Achievement 

Presented annually to a cytotechnologist in recognition of meritorious contributions to the field of cytopathology.

2012 Excellence in
Education Award Winner,
Dr. Ibrahim Ramzy, MD

Excellence in Education Award 

The Excellence in Education Award is presented to a cytotechnologist or pathologist member in recognition of meritorious service or accomplishment in the field of Cytopathology or Cytotechnology education.

2012 President's Award winner, 
Dr. Syed Ali, MD

President’s Award

Initiated in 1992, this award is selected at the discretion of the ASC President.

























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