ASC Awards

Achievement Awards

  • Papanicolaou Award
    Presented annually to a physician/PhD in recognition of meritorious contributions to the field of cytology.
  • Excellence in Education Award
    The Excellence in Education Award is presented to a cytotechnologist or pathologist member in recognition of meritorious service or accomplishment in the field of Cytopathology or Cytotechnology education.
  • President’s Award
    Initiated in 1992, this award is selected at the discretion of the ASC President.
  • The ASC International Achievement Award  NEW

    This new ASC award will be given every year to a cytopathologist or a cytotechnologist from across the world. The winner would be an individual who has transcended geographical boundaries and contributed significantly to cytopathology education and research. The award would honor those with leadership roles at an international level and a track record of collaborative and organizational excellence in promoting the profession globally.

  • Volunteer Appreciation Award
    In 2018, the ASC Executive Board approved a new award to recognize an ASC member with outstanding leadership skills and an uncommon commitment to the ASC vision and mission.

Poster or Platform Awards

  • Warren R. Lang, MD Resident Physician Award
    Established in 1978, the award is presented annually to recognize a resident or fellow in an approved training program who submits the best scientific paper in cytology at a poster or platform session during the ASC Annual Scientific Meeting.
  • Cytotechnologist Scientific Presentation Award
    Established in 1969, the award is presented in recognition of a cytotechnologist or student cytotechnologist enrolled in a CAAHEP-accredited cytotechnology program who presents the best scientific paper in cytology at a platform or poster session during the ASC Annual Scientific Meeting. The first author must be an ASC member.

  • Geno Saccomanno, MD New Frontiers in Cytology Award
    Established in 1993, the award is presented to an ASC Member who is not nominated for another abstract award. The paper should contribute to better understanding of cell biology or enhanced diagnosis and show significant innovation, good study design and potential diagnostic utility.
  • Advances in Thyroid Cytology Award
    Established in 2014, this award recognizes the abstract presentation that best contributes to the knowledge of diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases using FNA and/or ancillary techniques.  This award is supported by an educational grant from Thyroid Cytopathology Partners, Austin, Texas.
  • Innovative Cytotechnologist Practice Abstract Award
    Established in 2018, this award demonstrates programs, services, or projects performed by a cytotechnologist that are creative, cost-effective, and improve practice in cytopathology.

Other Award(s)

  • Geraldine Colby Zeiler Awards for Students of Cytotechnology
    The Geraldine Colby Zeiler Awards for Students of Cytotechnology were established in memory of the late Geraldine Colby Zeiler, who trained at the Mayo Clinic.  The generosity of Dr. William B. Zeiler and family and friends of the late Mrs. Zeiler have made these awards possible.