ASC CME Mission Statement

1. Purpose
The Continuing Medical Education (CME) mission of the American Society of Cytopathology (ASC) is to provide and support educational activities to encourage and promote greater knowledge of cytopathology.

2. Content Areas
The content of the ASC CME program emphasizes enhanced detection, diagnosis and prognostication and evaluation for targeted therapies of disease processes, and sets the highest standards for quality patient care.

Additionally, the ASC CME program provides content for topics such as effective management of pathology practice, medical ethics, risk management, and other areas deemed relevant by the needs of the membership.

3. Target Audience
The ASC is the premier national society in the country specifically addressing cytopathology. The target audience for the ASC CME program is practicing pathologists, cytotechnologists, trainees, scientists, and others involved in the practice of cytopathology.

4. Types of Activities
General types of activities provided by the ASC CME program include, but not limited to, lectures, workshops, seminars, annual conferences, webinars, and eLearning modules.

5. Expected Results
The expected results of the ASC CME are to encourage lifelong learning, self-assessment and performance improvement with the goals of updating cytologists on current practice, encouraging the highest quality in cytopathology, fostering research by cytologic methods and providing a forum for advocacy on behalf of cytologists and their patients.

Reviewed and approved by the ASC Executive Board, November 2014.