Cell Talks

Cell Talks, initiated by the Cytopathology Program Directors Committee (CPDC), are online learning modules that help educate residents and fellows about various topics in cytopathology. They are intended to complement residency and fellowship training in areas outlined by the ACGME Milestones. Each Cell Talk includes a 10-15 minute, “bite-sized” audiovisual presentation accompanied by 3-5 assessment questions.

The ASC invites residents and fellows, working with a faculty mentor, to participate in this educational activity by creating a Cell Talk PowerPoint slide set using the guidelines provided. Submit your PowerPoint presentation and questions using the link below.

Once received, your presentation will be reviewed for educational content, effective incorporation of the Milestones, organization, and creativity. Selected presentations will be provided with editorial suggestions and production assistance, along with a $125 award.

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Submission information:

Cell Talks Submission Guidelines
PowerPoint Submission Example
Cell Talk Suggested Topics
Cell Talks PowerPoint Template
Cytopathology Fellow Milestones




Cell Talk Examples can be accessed on the CytoCE Center


Cell Talks is supported by a grant from the ASC Foundation

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