Chapter 2.2

Basic Molecular Theory Objectives and Resources

This section discusses the cell cycle, mitosis, meiosis, DNA replication, transcription, translation, gene structure, and gene expression. (39 slides) 


  • Discuss the structure and chemistry of DNA, RNA, their components and respective functions.
  • Discuss differences between DNA and RNA; nucleotide and nucleoside; purine and pyrimidine; genotype and phenotype; haploid; diploid; euploid and aneuploid; heterochromatin and euchromatin.
  • Describe features of the various forms of DNA structure.  – 3-D animations:  DNA molecule, DNA has four units, Chargaff’s ratios, basepairing, how DNA is Packaged (advanced), DNA Unzip, Chromosome map, How much DNA codes for protein, Transcription, Translation, Triplet Code, mRNA splicing, replicating the helix, Mechanism of Replication (advanced).  – DNA to Protein

Molecular biology – Hologic website

Download text and view videos and descriptions of each of the following: Replication, transcription, translation, DNA, RNA, codon, mRNA, tRNA, enzymes, chromosomal abnormalities

Readings: MD, Chapter 2 and 3