Chapter 2.5

Genetics Objectives and Resources

This presentation discusses chromosomes, genetic coding of protein production, uses of karyotypes, steps to perform karyotyping, chromosomal abnormalities, and FISH analysis.

(33 slides) 


  • Define karyotype and state the karyotype of a normal male and female
  • List the basic steps for the cytogenetic chromosomal analysis of blood
  • Describe the clinical utility of karyotyping
  • Distinguish between structural and numeric chromosomal abnormalities and give examples
  • Describe the basic process involved in FISH

Concepts 15-18, Molecules of Genetics:  Concepts, animation, and problems for each unit, depending on students’ previous background - Heredity and Traits - Dolan DNA Learning Center –

DNA from the Beginning:  Classical Genetics, Molecules of Genetics, Genetic Organization and Control 

Resources:  Roche Genetics CD: Introduction, Journey Through the Cell

Readings:  MD, Chapter 3 and Chapter 8