Chapter 3.5

Separation and Detection Part II Objectives and Resources

This section discusses ISH, FISH, Dot Blot, and Microarrays.  (19 slides)


  • Discuss the theory of in situ hybridization (ISH)
  • Define how FISH differs from ISH
  • Explain the methodology of detecting chromosomal mutations by FISH.
  • Describe the methodology used in Dot blot technique
  • Describe the methodology used in microarrays and its advantages – Molecular Methods of Separation and Detection

  1. Nucleic Acid Purification
  2. Electrophoresis
  3. FISH
  4. Blotting  Instrumentation – Electrophoresis Lab, ISH Lab, Amplification Lab.

Virtual Lab: – DNA Microarray 

Cutting and Pasting – Restriction enzymes 2-D and Recombining DNA 3-D animation
Transferring and Storing DNA – Transformation – 2-D animation, Storing DNA 2-D animation
Large Scale Analysis – GeneChips® 2-D animation, Making GeneChips® Slideshow, DNA arrays 2-D