Chapter 5.7

Pharmacogenomics objectives and Resources

This section discusses the attempt to optimize drug therapies based on the patient’s DNA.  Examples such as HER2/neu and Warfarin are discussed. (22 slides)

Objectives: - 3-D:   How Gleevec® Works, Cell Signals,  Genetics and Health, Personalized Medicine: a.  Your Doctor’s New Genetic Tools, b.  Making SNPs Make Sense, c.  Drug Development Today and Tomorrow.  3 modules, which talk about genetics and drug development.  The interactive frog module is kind of fun also but may be too “young” for our students

Resource:  Roche CD, Genetics, Pharmacogenetics – The Gene Scene; Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues – Genetics and Medicine

Readings:  Roche CDs on Genetics – Pharmacogenetics; Genetics and Medicine “Learn genetics” site above