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The American Society of Cytopathology realizes the need to encourage continuing professional education with the many advances in the field of cytopathology continuing education is essential to quality patient care. Continuing education is defined as any kind of educational activity initiated by an individual or organization, which leads the participant to increased medical and technical knowledge.


Any educational program (state or regional organizations, institutional programs, etc.) that is seeking to designate their educational programs for Continuing Medical Laboratory Education (CMLE) credits for cytotechnologists.  NOTE:  This program is NOT for CME credits.


The following instructions must be followed when programs are being submitted for CMLE credits.  For further information or if questions arise, please call the National Office at (302) 543-6583.
1.      An organization interested in receiving approval for CMLE Credits must complete an on-line application available on the ASC Web site.  Each program submitted for CMLE credits must be a minimum of fifty (50) minutes in length excluding breaks, announcements, etc.  Faculty members must be competent in the subject matter by means of education, training, or experience.  Program content will be relevant to the scope of practice of clinical laboratory medicine and may include education, supervision, and management.

2.      The application for CMLE credits must be submitted on line via the ASC Web site at least 60 days prior to the scheduled activity and must be accompanied by the following:

  • copy of preliminary program, including date and time of each activity
  • list of program faculty, including their title and qualifications and disclosure information
  • list of educational objectives that are measurable and clearly stated to participants
  • copy of evaluation form used or description of evaluation mechanism
  • sample of participants certificate

3.      A mechanism for evaluation of the program and faculty will be made available to each participant, collected at the end of each program, and compilation of evaluation results made. The results of the evaluations will be submitted to the ASC National Office within thirty (30) days of completion of the program.  (Mechanism not provided by ASC.)

4.      A certificate of attendance will be provided to each eligible registrant.  The certificate must include the participant’s name, course name, date, number of continuing education hours, provider’s name and address, and the course number assigned.  (Certificate not provided by ASC.)

5.      The educational program provide must retain record of approved programs, attendance records, and evaluation compilations in its files for four (4) years.

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