Core Curriculum in Molecular Biology


This web site is the result of many hours of  work by some dedicated cytotechnology instructors who wanted to respond to the need to include molecular biology topics and background information in the traditional curriculum of cytotechnology programs. Since much of this knowledge is relatively new, we wanted to provide a resource for the program faculty members to incorporate as they wished into their programs.


This landing page includes the seven chapters of the Curriculum, Appendix 1 – a short list of the presentations, and Appendix 2 – a listing of URLs by chapter and General References, Authors Biographies, and the Teacher’s Manual.

Clicking on any chapter link takes you to the chapter page, which includes direct links to the presentations, the Objectives and Resources for each presentation, and an audio introduction and audio conclusion for each chapter.

Clicking on the presentation link takes you to the first page of the presentation.  If you click on the Objectives and Resources link, you will find a brief description of the presentation, the number of slides, the objectives for that presentation, the readings, and any URL links.  Also a link to the presentation is included so that you could review the objectives and then click directly to the presentation.  A “Return to Chapter” link is included as well.

The Teacher’s Manual includes a list of all of the presentations and the Objectives and Resources material in one document for obtaining a quick overview of the entire curriculum.

Teacher’s Manual 

Chapter 1 – Molecular Basis of Cancer 

Chapter 2 – Molecular Science

Chapter 3 – Molecular Techniques 

Chapter 4 – Laboratory Operations 

Chapter 5 – Applications of Molecular Testing 

Chapter 6 – FISH

Chapter 7 – Circulating Tumor Cells

Appendix 1

Appendix 2


Validating and Verifying Molecular Tests in Cytopathology

CAP Today provided permission for the ASC to  post the link for this article, by Lynnette Savaloja, SCT(ASCP) and George Birdsong, MD.