Some of these materials date back to 1973; nonetheless, most questions are relevant today.

There materials were created pre-Microsoft.  White-out and IBM Selectric typewriters were considered to be technological advances.

There are unavoidable duplicate questions among different documents.

Some questions relate to technologies that are not used today (e.g, membrane filtration).

Given their dates of origin, they do not address technologies in use today (e.g., LBP, imaging devices, HPV, etc.).

Nonetheless, good cytopreparation remains the foundation of good cytodiagnosis.

Used with permission of Gary W. Gill, B.A., CT(ASCP)CFIAC

Cytopreparation for Pathologists Manual


CPT 01 – Principles & Practice of CPT (Lecture Schedule, Reading Assignments, & References).pdf

CPT 02 – Microtechnique Literature Seminar (Catalyst Questions).pdf

CPT 03 – Principles & Practices of CPT in Perspective (Exam – 41 questions).pdf

CPT 04 – Exam Questions for CT Students.pdf

CPT 05 – Tutorial on CPT Techniques (Self-evaluation Quiz).pdf

CPT 06 – CPT Workshop (Self-evaluation Quiz).pdf

CPT 07 – Methods of Cell Collection on Membrane Filters.pdf

CPT 08 – On Understandng the Papanicolaou Method.pdf

CPT 09 – 60 Questions Quiz.pdf

CPT 10 – CPT Quiz No. 1.pdf

CPT 11 – CPT Quiz No. 2.pdf

CPT 12 – CPT Quiz No. 3.pdf

CPT 13 – CPT Quiz No. 4.pdf

CPT 14 – CPT Quiz No. 5.pdf

CPT 15 – CPT (Final Exam).pdf