July Cyto-econference 2017

25 Jul / 2017 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Sondra Forman

Patterns and Pitfalls of Common and Uncommon Entities of the Endocervix

Blythe K. Gorman, MD

Assistant Professor Houston Methodist Hospital Houston, Texas

This is a case-based didactic  webinar that explores a variety of endocervical lesions with emphasis on the  correlation between cytology and histology. Participants will be presented with a  spectrum of cases, with diagnoses ranging  from benign to premalignant to malignant. A review of common and uncommon entities will focus on how pathologists can avoid pitfalls, use ancillary studies appropriately, and distinguish among morphologically  similar entities. Participants will also get pointers on differentiating between high  grade squamous lesions involving glands and true glandular lesions, as well as insights into the pitfalls associated with metaplasia,  polyps, and endometrial sampling. Key features for diagnosis and work up of  uncommon lesions will also be discussed,  including various subtypes of endocervical  adenocarcinoma. In addition, a review of current management guidelines for glandular lesions will facilitate more effective  communication of diagnoses to other  members of the patient’s healthcare team.


Earn 2 credits per webinar