May Cyto-econference 2018

22 May / 2018 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Sondra Forman
Cytology of Bone Tumors and Pseudotumors

Yaxia Zhang, MD, PhD

Bone tumors are rare and diagnostically challenging. This case-based webinar will provide basic and advanced information on bone tumor morphology, classification, ancillary testing, biomarkers, and clinicoradiological information to highlight the diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic implications of bone tumors. Representative tumors of bone in osseous, cartilaginous, small blue round cell, spindle cell, giant cell rich, and other morphologic categories will be addressed. Differential diagnosis, pertinent ancillary testing, and diagnostic pitfalls will also be discussed. How to perform appropriate on-site evaluation and triage of bone specimens to facilitate an accurate diagnosis will also be discussed. This webinar will provide you with a much better understanding of how to achieve a timely, accurate and specific diagnosis of common and difficulty bone tumors for better patient care.


Earn 2 credits per webinar