1. Inform ASC members of any proposed regulations or legislation affecting them on the national or state level and encourage ASC members to be active in the legislative arena.
  2. Work with other committees (Bulletin, Website and Advocacy) to communicate issues to the ASC members in a timely manner.
  3. Develop a mechanism by which the Executive Board is informed of proposed regulatory and legislative issues affecting the practice of cytopathology in a timely fashion and can respond with an official position.
  4. Investigate ways to enhance cytopathology advocacy on the state and national level.
  5. Implement effective communications and coordination via the ASC Representatives to AMA, CAP, ASCT, ASCP and various governmental agencies.


Emily Volk, M.D. (2007)
William Beaumont Hospital
44201 Dequindre Road
Troy, MI  48098



Gail Mueller, M.S., CT(ASCP) (2007)
Lynnette Savaloja, B.S., SCT(ASCP) (2007)
Andrea Abati, M.D. (2008)
Lori Haack, B.A., SCT(ASCP) (2008)
Robert Knapp, M.D. (2008)
Edina Eszter Paal, M.D. (2008)


Junior Ad Hoc Member:

Robyn Lynn Runge, M.D. (2007)