ASC provides this Listserve‚ but the subscribers’ opinions posted to this Listserve do not necessarily reflect ASC’s opinions and beliefs. ASC is not responsible for‚ does not guarantee or warrant‚ and expressly disclaims all liability for damages of any kind arising out of use‚ reference to or reliance on this Listserve’s information. Users of this Listserve must comply with both the letter and spirit of all Copyright and Antitrust laws.

For those of you not familiar with listserves‚ a listserve is basically an Internet mailing list that allows participants to ask questions of and share information with a large group of individuals via Internet e-mail. For example‚ I sent a message addressed simply to members@nulllists.cytopathology.org and a copy was sent automatically to every member who has provided the ASC with their e-mail address.

Using this exciting technology‚ ASC members can now communicate with other ASC members with the touch of a button‚ and without knowing everyone’s e-mail address. Here’s how our listserve works.

  1. All members of the ASC whose e-mail addresses are known to us are automatically part of the list. If you do not wish to be part of this list or if your e-mail changes‚ please send a message to: asc@nullcytopathology.org.
  2. The purpose of this list is to increase communications between ASC members. A listserve is essentially an extension of ASC’s face-to-face meetings‚ where members can ask each other for advice on Cytopathology issues and discuss the Society’s issues. We encourage all ASC members to post requests for information‚ as well as helpful information related to the Cytopathology field.
  3. To send a message to the list‚ simply address your message to members@nulllists.cytopathology.org and your message will go to everyone on the list.
  4. To reply to a message posted to the list‚ simply click Reply. With some e-mail systems (such as Microsoft Mail) you may find that when you click on Reply‚ you will see the address of the sender as the only recipient. If this happens‚ you should either click Reply All and delete the individual sender or manually change the address to members@nulllists.cytopathology.org.
  5. If you want to reply privately to someone who has posted a message to the list‚ just address your message to that person’s e-mail address – you can find it in the “From:” field.
  6. Only users who are members of the list can send messages to the list. The ASC Central Office will be maintaining the list.

Some general Guidelines you may wish to keep in mind:

  1. This list is for the open discussion of issues relating to the Cytopathology field and ASC.
  2. Since this is an opportunity for “open discussions‚” the ASC hopes each of you feels free to read messages‚ post messages‚ and contribute news and information.
  3. When posting a message to the list‚ please remember to include your name‚ and optionally‚ your institution name at the end of your message. Many of us have e-mail addresses that do not necessarily reflect our names (such as the numeric CompuServe and arbitrary AOL e-mail addresses). This is often called a “signature” or “tagline” and helps identify you to the people who read your message.
  4. When replying to a message‚ only include the parts of the previous message which are pertinent to your point or comment. When possible‚ delete the header information from the previous message‚ or any other non-essential text. This will make the message more readable for others and help reduce the time it takes to download.
  5. When replying to the question‚ try to include the original questions. It is not uncommon for someone to pose a question such as “How many people are using Windows95?” only to have 15 other people post a simple “I am!” response. This makes for confusing reading to others who haven’t followed the conversation closely.
  6. This is a discussion area. Express your opinions. Feel free to question the opinions and information presented by others. However‚ please do not challenge or attack others‚ only ideas. If you have a differing opinion‚ please feel free to support your opinion or comments. We all learn and benefit from well-thought-out responses to a situation or question. Ask questions. Answer questions. Express opinions.
  7. We ask that you do not post “Commercial” Messages. But‚ do feel free to discuss specific products. However‚ please remember that your comments are made in public domain. As such‚ you are responsible for your comments just as if this were a live discussion or a printed publication.
  8. Postings are strictly the opinion of their authors and never the official position of ASC.

Thanks for your interest and participation. Feel free sending a message to members@nulllists.cytopathology.org introducing you and asking a question or making a comment. If you have questions about this listserve‚ or ASC in general‚ please feel free to contact the ASC at asc@nullcytopathology.org or (302) 429-8802.

Looking forward to your participation!