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Item Name: The Challenge of Ensuring Adequacy in the Era of Targeted Lung Cancer Therapy
John M. Stewart, MD, PhD and Michael J. Thrall, MD

Presentation date: June 23, 2015; Expires: June 23, 2018
In recent years, therapeutic options for lung cancer have markedly expanded. While this offers new hope for patients, it also places an increasing burden on cytologists who now need to provide more information about the type of carcinoma they are examining while preserving cells for vitally important molecular ancillary testing. This webinar will provide insights into best practices for getting the most of limited cytology and small biopsy material. In particular, touch preparation triage of CT-guided biopsies, evaluation of cell blocks for molecular testing adequacy, and evaluation of endobronchial ultrasound-guided FNA material will be discussed.


Archive Item Code: 3600-L

Item Name: Diagnostic Difficulties in Pulmonary Cytology and Optimal Use of Ancillary Testing
Hormoz Ehya, MD

Presentation date: March 24, 2015; Expires: March 24, 2018
Major diagnostic difficulties in pulmonary cytology include the differential diagnosis of benign/reactive conditions versus carcinoma and classification of neoplasms.  The new targeted therapies require accurate classification of lung tumors. Improved survival in cancer patients has led to the increased occurrence of second and third primaries, necessitating the use of immunocytochemical stains to determine the primary source. Furthermore, the increasing need for molecular studies mandates prudent use of immunostains in order to conserve tissue. In this webinar the morphologic criteria to distinguish benign from malignant lesions and appropriate use of immunostains in the differential diagnosis of lung tumors will be discussed.