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Soft Tissue

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Archive Item Code: 3600-C

Item Name: Pediatric Cytopathology: Common Entities and Diagnostic Dilemmas
Sara E. Monaco, MD

Presentation date: June 24, 2014; Expires: June 24, 2017
The webinar will be a practical review and discussion of selected cases in pediatric cytopathology; illustrating a variety of common and uncommon entities seen in young patients.  Each case will be presented with a review of the cytopathological findings, followed by the differential diagnosis and pitfalls to be aware of in children.  There will also be a discussion of the utility of different ancillary studies in select cases.  The cases will cover common infectious, lymphoid, and small round blue cell tumors that occur in pediatric cytopathology, in addition to uncommon entities that one should be aware of and consider in the differential diagnosis.


Archive Item Code: 3600-J

Item Name: New Approaches and Common Problems in Soft Tissue Neoplasms Diagnosed by FNA Biopsy
Paul E. Wakely, Jr., MD

Presentation date: January 27, 2015; Expires: January 27, 2018
This archive will provide a platform for the review of the cytopathology of some of the major soft tissue lesions in adolescents and adults using a case-based format. The discussion will cover the major categories of myxoid, small rounded cell, pleomorphic, and spindled lesions. It will include the diagnostic perils and differential diagnoses associated with this unfamiliar and infrequently explored sphere of FNA biopsy cytology.